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Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage Attorney

Divorce, known in Florida as dissolution of marriage, is the process where the legal bonds of husband and wife are dissolved. Divorces vary significantly. Some clients come to the office having already worked out the majority of issues with their spouse. These clients simply need someone to walk them through the legal process. On the other hand, some people come to the office with a multitude of problems and their emotions are raw. In these cases it’s important to listen to the clients, their needs and goals and help determine the best course of action. The office of ARICA L. BRAATEN can help you no matter which end of the spectrum your dissolution of marriage case falls.

In dissolution of marriage cases, the issues are often broken down using the acronym PEACE.

  • Parental Issues: This is normally the most important issue for a divorcing couple. The court will establish a parenting plan which is a very detailed document that covers the majority of parenting issues such as: visitation, providing transportation, communication between the parent and child, etc.
  • Equitable Distribution: This is simply the division of assets, property and debts.
  • Alimony: Also known as spousal support. The court granting spousal support is not automatic in Florida. Some of the factors the court considers are the need and ability to pay, the length of the marriage, and the health and age of the parties.
  • Child support: In Florida child support is determined using a formula based on the income of the parents, the number of overnights, and the costs of the childcare and health insurance.
  • Everything else: Commonly issues such as prenuptial agreements, domestic violence and attorneys’ fees and costs.

The office of Arica L. Braaten can counsel clients at all stages of divorce from simply contemplating divorce to post judgment matters. Contact the Broward County office of Arica L. Braaten at (954) 380-6000 to discuss your dissolution of marriage case.