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Considering divorce? You need an expert attorney by your side.

Pompano Beach Divorce Lawyer

A wise man once said that the full circle of one’s life isn’t complete until one has been through a divorce. Unfortunately, divorce is an exceptionally common, albeit often stressful, occurrence.

If you are considering getting divorced, you likely are feeling very emotional. However, it’s important to think with a clear head and work towards the best divorce outcome that you can, as this will set you up for your future life. This is why it’s so important to have a divorce attorney by your side.

At Braaten Law, we have been handling Florida divorce cases for more than a decade. We have the experience and expertise to help you successfully navigate the divorce process in Florida, known as dissolution of marriage. For a free and confidential case consultation, please contact us today.

Why Should I Hire A Pompano Beach Divorce Attorney?

Divorce may be a rather common occurrence, but it isn’t quite that simple of a process, and you shouldn’t attempt negotiations by yourself. Family law rules in Florida can get a bit confusing, and even the smallest mistake could cost a lot of money, and have adverse consequences regarding any agreements.

Settling divorce terms should always be handled by a divorce lawyer, as this is the best and safest way to guarantee a pleasant outcome of the divorce terms and settlement. They have the knowledge and experience that comes from regularly guiding their clients through the divorce process, so they know the ins and outs of what paperwork needs to be filed, what fees need to be paid, deadlines, and negotiating techniques. Let them use their expertise to help you get the best possible outcome.

Pompano Beach Divorce Lawyer

If you are in need of a Pompano Beach divorce attorney, Braaten Law is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a free and confidential case consultation.

The Divorce Process In Florida

The divorce process in Florida could be somewhat complicated, which is where hiring divorce lawyers in Pompano Beach Fl is beneficial. An attorney will guarantee the best and fairest outcome for your divorce, but what’s the process like?

Grounds For Divorce In Florida

Florida is a no-fault divorce state. This means that a couple may get divorced without pointing fingers or casting blame. Divorces in Florida are granted on two terms:

An irreparable marriage

This means that if the marriage is not in any way repairable, there is grounds for divorce. This is true if you do not share children with your spouse. If you do share children with your spouse, your spouse may argue that the marriage is repairable for the children. In this case, a judge will usually order the couple to attend three months of counseling to try and repair the marriage.

Mental incapacitation

Another suitable ground for divorce is mental incapacitation, meaning that if either spouse is mentally incapacitated, for any reason, a divorce may be granted. There is a minimum waiting period of 20 days for a divorce to be finalized once it is granted.

Mandatory Financial Disclosure

Dividing assets and finances are often one of the most complicated and stressful aspects of divorce. Because of this, each spouse is mandated to submit an affidavit that discloses all financial information within 45 days of service. Such information may include:

  • Wages and income
  • Tax returns
  • Real estate
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Vehicles and property
  • Stocks and retirement benefits
  • Business property
  • Intellectual property, and more.

Each spouse should be prepared to submit and show all required documents. Your Pompano Beach divorce lawyer will help you prepare this information accordingly.

Residency Requirements

Florida will only grant your divorce if you or your spouse can satisfy the Florida residency requirement. This means that you or your spouse must have resided in the county in Florida where you will be filing for divorce for at least the past 6 months.

How To Begin The Divorce Process

Beginning the divorce process in Florida starts when a spouse files the paperwork packet to their circuit court. This spouse is then considered the petitioner. A Pompan Beach divorce lawyer can help simplify this process for you greatly. Each aspect of the required paperwork is handled professionally, eliminating any possible mistakes. It’s important to take care when filing paperwork with the court, as one simple mistake may severely inhibit the process of divorce.

Once the initial paperwork is filed with the circuit court and all fees have been paid, they’ll need to be served to the other spouse. This process is called service and refers to the act of where the filed papers are formally delivered to the non-filing spouse, known as the respondent.

Once the paperwork has been received by the respondent they’ll have the opportunity to respond to the paperwork. This is where negotiations and other stressful situations may begin, especially if children are involved.

How Long Does A Pompano Beach Divorce Take?

Getting a divorce in Pompano Beach, Florida is often stressful and may take longer than you’d imagine. This is especially true if one tries to represent themselves in a divorce court. Laws and rules are not always clear, and a professional divorce lawyer is always recommended.

By hiring a divorce attorney in Pompano Beach Fl, you’ll be guaranteeing that your divorce is handled correctly and swiftly. All too often do people try to handle their divorce alone, and end up owing more in fees, or being shackled to unpleasant terms that they didn’t want to agree to.

Letting a divorce lawyer handle the hard stuff allows you to focus on yourself and your family during this stressful period of your life. Divorce isn’t easy, don’t make it harder than it has to be. Save yourself time, money, and stress by hiring a divorce attorney.

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